Dropbox: Access Your Work Anywhere

Store your work online for anywhere access.

Dropbox offers 2GB free file storage to store your work online. It means that you can work from several places (as I do) including your phone, because it updates your work from whichever machine you’ve connected in and then when you use a different one its got the recent version stored in Dropbox.

You set it up by creating an account, then installing Dropbox on each computer you normally work from.

You keep your work in the Dropbox folder that appears on your desktop, and the program will automatically synchronise your files so they are the same on all the computers you use.

You can also login to Dropbox and get your files from any computer (eg internet cafes) and you can share files with other people this way too. Handy for large files that don’t email easily.

Its what they call ‘the cloud’.

You can get your own Dropbox account here.