Artist Collective

The Women’s Art Activation System is an artist’s collective in Stroud, aiming to develop processes and replicable methods to activate women’s creative work. We created this logo along with a website, and ongoing posters etc.

Mother Bunting Mother's Day

Theatre Posters

‘What Shall We Do With the Cello?’ poster for Atelier Theatre Studio

What Shall We Do with the Cello?

A previous project was for a theatre production of Beatrix Potter’s ‘The Tailor of Gloucester‘ for the Atelier Theatre Studio and Pericles Theatre Company

Tailor of Gloucester Poster

This one was selected from several concepts – the client chose this one because of the luxurious look of it. There was also this version offered:

Tailor Of Gloucester ConceptMaybe next time!

Theatre Posters

Commissioned by Atelier Community Theatre to design imagery to promote two plays by Ionesco, I had a lot of fun designing this. The plays are surreal and provoke an exploration of the tragi-comedy at the heart of human existence. There is a slightly sinister atmosphere at times.

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