Print Design

Have your posters, flyers, business cards, signage and other communication materials designed for you.

We also take care of arranging the printing and delivery, selecting the best from a range of suppliers I work with (actual printing & delivery costs are separate). Whether your focus is eco-printing, low cost, fast turnaround or deluxe presentation, we have the contacts to meet the brief.

You give us the brief, we check in with you for approval in the design process, we take your requirements for printing, and you get a delivery of what you need.

Poster – £180

Flyer – £120

Business Cards (1 name) or Postcard – £80

Business Combo – all of the above – £310

Letterhead, Signage, Vehicle Wrap, etc – please enquire


Your new logo will be delivered with associated colours, fonts and the files you need to use the logo for print and web. We take a brief from you, check that you are with the right package, then offer you a set of ‘scamps’ to take one or two ideas forward. You may have a strong idea of what you want, or to be led by us.

There are three options:

Mini Brand

You will have a logo, a subtype (simplified version of logo), and a one-page note with your logo, font(s) and your colours specified as hex codes. Up to two revisions from the briefing and first set of designs. Suitable for sole traders and microbusinesses wanting to launch with a professional look quickly. Print costs are separate. Design package: £150. Add business card design – £200.

Midi Brand

You will have all the above but with colours specified for CMYK and RGB as well, and a reverse version of the logo, along with a style guide, and a set of up to 5 versions of the logo for different social, web and print uses. Up to three rounds of revision from the briefing and first set of designs. Suitable for the stage when you have established your workflow and are ready to scale up into new or bigger ventures with a refreshed look. £650

Big Brand

All the above, but with an in-depth research and development process, a more detailed style guide to include your vision, mission and ‘voice’, and to include up to 10 named business cards, letterhead, and up to 5 different social media banners and profile logos. Up to five rounds of revision and feedback. Suitable for organisations seeking a rebrand or startups wanting to make an impact, and when there is more than one person in the client decision-making process. £1250


  • The Homeless Period Gloucestershire
  • The Women's Art Activation System
  • Mr Bobbington's Pop & Shake
  • takooba poetry logo
  • Signage for festival in the woods

Simple Website

I will build you a website of up to 6 pages, with content and images you supply, from scratch. You get a working website, an admin package with all the ownership and info you need to make sure you can always get your website sorted out (by me or any other provider) and lots of tips and insights unique to your profile from my 20+ years of building websites for small businesses, sole traders, artists and non-profits. I typically recommend WordPress but do work with other platforms when they suit you better – its about what you need.

The Simple Website package is £450.

More complex or bespoke websites are quoted on request.

Strategy Sessions

These sessions are a mix of advice and some coaching style questions to help you orientate yourself and make a plan that’s actionable and realistic for you. You have about an hour – flexible up to 1.5hrs – and I can write up notes for you so you can keep track of what is discussed.

  • One-off session to support you in creating a plan – £95
  • Three sessions with ‘homework’ and experiments/tests for you to work on in between – £260
  • Six sessions – £500

Typically we might space these sessions over 2 weeks or once a month, to give you time to follow up in between.

Quick Fix

Starting from £80, this is for when you need something fixed on your website, some updates, changes or other task that you want to hand over.

Artist Collective

The Women’s Art Activation System is an artist’s collective in Stroud, aiming to develop processes and replicable methods to activate women’s creative work. We created this logo along with a website, and ongoing posters etc.

Mother Bunting Mother's Day

Solicitors Website

Giles Dixon Website


This website is built in WordPress and features a download section (Resources) along with some other simple widgets and bespoke photography of the client’s workspace and subject matter.

Theatre Posters

‘What Shall We Do With the Cello?’ poster for Atelier Theatre Studio

What Shall We Do with the Cello?

A previous project was for a theatre production of Beatrix Potter’s ‘The Tailor of Gloucester‘ for the Atelier Theatre Studio and Pericles Theatre Company

Tailor of Gloucester Poster

This one was selected from several concepts – the client chose this one because of the luxurious look of it. There was also this version offered:

Tailor Of Gloucester ConceptMaybe next time!