The Shiwiar Rainforest Project

This project happened in my previous life as a botanist and explorer. Recently we were very excited to discover that several new snail species were discovered by our efforts. Hilary May (nee KIngston), the snail collector, is going have one of the snails named after her. Another will be named after the Shiwiar tribe who hosted us. It made me realise I had better make a small website to store the project report and stay in touch with the Shiwiar, who now host regular tours in their territory.

Shiwiar Rainforest Initiative 2000

Why Spiders Don’t Get Trapped in Their Own Web

One of the nice things about working for environmental organisations like INQUIRE Botany, is that you get to know about things like this:

Two scientists from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and The University of Costa Rica have managed to figure out the spider’s secret by washing spider’s legs!

In fact, the spider could get caught and it has to tread very carefully but it also has a couple of advantages over other bugs as the video explains

Spider Legs Adaptation so they dont get stuck
Click to watch the video. Cool!