Digital Strategy Session

You have an hour of my attention, experience and insight brought to your digital strategy.

Great for when:

  • you need to decide which investment to make in your digital plan
  • you are stuck in your thinking about moving forward
  • you are confused by the options and want some clarity
  • you don’t like stepping into the online world and want to find your way

The session will help you understand:

  • what matters to you and your business
  • how you prefer to relate to the digital world
  • how your audience likes to interact digitally
  • what the options are and how to decide which direction you need to focus on
  • what your next steps are

The investment is £85, invoiced on booking. These sessions can be a one-off or you can book onto a set of three with tasks for you to follow up on in between. Please contact me to discuss packages.

Book a Strategy Session