The Shiwiar Rainforest Project

This project happened in my previous life as a botanist and explorer. Recently we were very excited to discover that several new snail species were discovered by our efforts. Hilary May (nee KIngston), the snail collector, is going have one of the snails named after her. Another will be named after the Shiwiar tribe who hosted us. It made me realise I had better make a small website to store the project report and stay in touch with the Shiwiar, who now host regular tours in their territory.

Shiwiar Rainforest Initiative 2000

Mr Tom’s Football Quizzes

We’ve launched a website with simple branding and digital downloads for sale. It features a series of Football quizzes, suited for pub quiz evenings and also aimed at social and sports club events or just for football fans to test themselves and have fun. The site is made using which makes it more restrictive but also means its free to host. Once the project is earning its keep, the site can easily be upgraded to a custom domain and more tailored design. The downloads are handled using Sellfy, and we’ve set up an affiliate system to promote the products too.

Mr Tom's Football Quiz
The first quiz is free to download

Solution Tree Hypnotherapy

Hannah Miller has taken the plunge and left her day job to launch a solution-focused hypnotherapy business in south Gloucestershire.

Solution Tree Hypnotherapy website and branding


Taking a collaborative approach, we developed the logo and colours and setup a WordPress website for Hannah. We’ve handed it over to Hannah to control but we are here to help out whenever she hasn’t the time or the inclination for edits or updates.

Good luck Hannah!

If you are looking for help with a website or branding project, get in touch.


Paymo Invoicing System

Paymo is a really fantastic online service, for managing timesheets and billing. We’ve been using it for a few years now and its pretty much perfect.

You set up clients, and projects, and download a little timer gadget that allows you to track time spent on each project.

At the end of the month – or whatever billing cycle you want to use – Paymo will draft an invoice based on the timesheet and any expenses you recorded for the project. You can edit, and add notes, before you email the invoices to your clients, and you can even offer the option to pay online via Paypal.

Very well suited to freelancers and small businesses that manage a lot of different clients and projects.

Click here to find out more about Paymo.

Paymo time tracking and project management
Paymo time tracking and project management


Shopify for Ecommerce Websites

Start a Shopify siteShopify is one of the standard platforms for setting up an online shop. It comes with lots of well-designed yet easily adaptable templates. The administration side is fairly similar to WordPress in its layout and ‘feel’ but with a lot of focus on managing your sales and stock.

Shopify also offers a WordPress widget so you can easily sell products from your existing WordPress site.

We are currently working on a new Shopify site for a client.

You can start a free 14 day trial to see for yourself how it works, but if you would like support to set it up, just get in touch.


New Membership Website for bgen

This week the Botanic Gardens Education Network (bgen) celebrated its 25th anniversary. Presentations, a picnic and a tour of Kew Gardens were much enjoyed. To coincide with this happy event we launched the redesigned bgen website, which is a custom WordPress site with features for members-only content.

Wordpress site with membership management features
WordPress site with membership management features