Send a Big File over the Internet

A quick & easy way to send large files - simply MailBigFile

When designing with photographs, or making exhibition graphics and banners, or sending a film to a competition, the large files involved can clog up email. This makes it difficult to share work with clients and printers.

So some time ago I discovered MailBigFile. Its cheap and easy to use and it has always worked. You just put in the email address to send to, browse to your Big File and go. It can take a while to upload but you can just carry on with other work or have a coffee while its sending. The recipient then gets an email inviting them to download the file. You can get an alert to see when they have downloaded the file.

There are other services like this too but I do like this one for its very simple process.

Design for Sustainable Change

Design for Sustainable Change
Design for Sustainable Change by AVA Books

Ava Books have some great titles and this one looks particularly interesting:

Its not yet available but I am keeping my eyes out as I am always looking for ways I can improve and support sustainable practices.

Dropbox: Access Your Work Anywhere

Store your work online for anywhere access.

Dropbox offers 2GB free file storage to store your work online. It means that you can work from several places (as I do) including your phone, because it updates your work from whichever machine you’ve connected in and then when you use a different one its got the recent version stored in Dropbox.

You set it up by creating an account, then installing Dropbox on each computer you normally work from.

You keep your work in the Dropbox folder that appears on your desktop, and the program will automatically synchronise your files so they are the same on all the computers you use.

You can also login to Dropbox and get your files from any computer (eg internet cafes) and you can share files with other people this way too. Handy for large files that don’t email easily.

Its what they call ‘the cloud’.

You can get your own Dropbox account here.

Servco Europe Website Launched

Servco's New Website
Servco’s New Website

Servco were looking for a refresh of their HTML website and wanted a friendly site that emphasises the staff’s technical expertise. Designed to appeal to other experts in the field (MSS Passport) the site has been much enriched with photos and relevant content that highlights their knowledge and kit.

LMR Hedge Fund Website & Photos

LMR Website
LMR Website – design, photography and build in WordPress

Spider Creative set up and created a new website for LMR Partners, a financial services company in Mayfair. We also did a photo shoot to ensure they had great photos in a consistent style for their home page.

Visit LMR to see the site in action.

Children’s Books Logo Design

Through The Looking Glass LogoThrough the Looking Glass book reviews website has recently relaunched with a logo I designed for the site’s owner Marya Jensen-Gruber. She keeps an amazing record of children’s book reviews and also offers a writing review service for budding authors.

I made a series of logos of which she has chosen one and blended it with the site’s colour scheme.

Legal Stuff for your Website

Website Legal Stuff from ContractStore
Website Legal Stuff from

Did you know that all businesses in the UK have to display:

On your website and on emails:

  • the company name (if this is different from the trading name then the difference should be made clear)
  • the registered office address of the company
  • the registration number and country of registration

The details you must make available on your website are:

  • an email address where the company can be contacted (this is not needed on emails from the company)
  • membership of any trade or professional association including the registration number
  • the VAT number if VAT registered.

If you “collect data” you will also need a Privacy Policy saying what you will use the data for and how it will be stored.

Spider’s client ContractStore has some useful downloads for business websites including:

They offer more specialist docs and packs for internet and design businesses as well, such as the Online Retailer’s Legal Pack .