Kindle Ebook Design

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Maureen Finucane writes novels alongside her painting practice in West London. This novel ‘The Olive Tree Theatre‘ charts the lives of three young people who leave Ireland in the fifties to start anew  – on very different paths – in London’s bohemian Soho.

We designed a cover using a photo by Gavin Hammond and set the novel in code for upload to Kindle.

Theatre Posters

Commissioned by Atelier Community Theatre to design imagery to promote two plays by Ionesco, I had a lot of fun designing this. The plays are surreal and provoke an exploration of the tragi-comedy at the heart of human existence. There is a slightly sinister atmosphere at times.

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Photography for Performance

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This was a photo shoot for Hannah Bruce on her production ‘The Look of the Thing‘, a site specific dance performance in which the audience uses their mobile devices to be guided by a podcast from a cafe to the performance location. Amazing and magical – with tricky light conditions.

Jellybolee Festival Artwork

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This artwork was created for a mini-festival hosted by Lizard Stage. It includes a flyer (text later inserted to show the lineup), map and signage for people to find their way in the dark woods where the event was held.

The festival is called ‘Jellybolee’, a reference to the Edward Lear poem ‘Scroobious Pip‘. A great parade of all creatures of the air. land and sea try to define the nature of the Scroobious Pip, but none can.

As for the festival – a fantastic time was had by all.