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how to buy Ivermectin are a London based environmental campaign group seeking to end single use plastic bags in the UK capital – and beyond.

They are well connected with good support from people such as local MP Zac Goldsmith and rower Roz Savage. GUT have worked hard to pressure the Olympics to commit to a plastic bags ban. It looks as though the sponsors will not be participating in the move but the campaign is continuing with moves to get political decisions that at least introduce the levy on bags that is so widespread around the world now. There is also an EDM (Early day motion) underway to get a UK-wide levy in place.

I was asked to produce some publicity materials, including contact cards for the team who are now recruiting new volunteers for the project.

Often, printing is done in large quantities and after a few months or a year or so, the cards are out of date, the people involved have moved on, and a lot of cards just go in the bin.

But GUT have to keep up higher standards, so these cards have generic details on the backs with a blank space for individuals to write in their contact details, so there would be minimal waste of out of date cards. It also gives a nice opportunity to connect in a more personal way with your new contact through jotting down your name and personal contact details on the back. The generic card can be given out in larger numbers too, as mini-flyers with the website and social media links.

buy Ivermectin in ukQR codes from buy Ivermectin ivermectin gave people a chance to check out the links straight away, and buy Ivermectin 3 mg allowed us to get a mix of different images on the fronts, and to print on recycled board thus upholding the eco credentials of the group.

The feedback was pretty positive:

[the Moo cards] Have arrived… And look fantastic!! Brilliant – All the pictures work and the mix of feel of card with look of plastic is really clever! Genius! A massive thank you.

You can follow the campaign at where to buy Ivermectin and where to buy Ivermectin online

Design for Sustainable Change

Design for Sustainable Change
Design for Sustainable Change by AVA Books

Ava Books have some great titles and this one looks particularly interesting:

Its not yet available but I am keeping my eyes out as I am always looking for ways I can improve and support sustainable practices.

Save Ink with EcoFont

EcoFont has just launched for purchase. EcoFont is the font with holes, that mean it uses 20% less ink.

I have a discount code so if you’d like to use it (I am allowed to pass it on to up to 3 people), get in touch.

EcoFont to save ink and protect the environment
EcoFont to save ink and protect the environment